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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  September 13, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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that cozy should never be costly. ♪ ♪ devastating view a glimpse into the destruction caused by hurricane irma. and a tragedy at a florida nursing home that lost power. showers in parts of our area. the rem nanlts will bring us more rain this week. we have you covered in the first alert forecast. an autopsy scheduled for today after the death of a college lacrosse player in the lehigh valley. right now at 11:00 we are seeing showers in some parts of our region. the phillies are scheduled to play the marlins tonight. now to a live look at first
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alert radar. it shows that system that we are watching. the threat of showers will pick up over the next day. good morning. remnants of irma are impacting our region. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the wet weather ahead, glenn. >> yeah. it certainly looks more threatening than it did yesterday. clouds are thicker, closer to the ground. the rain can reach the grounld. we have a few puddles here. that's an indication of those showers. you can see it's kind of a band of showers that's been moving up from delaware now into cape may county and getting closer and closer to philadelphia. it's in delaware county. look at this. it's past chester already just about to get into the city limits and montgomery county. it's not especially heavy and not a large area.
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there's actually sunshine down to the south. so these showers are not going to last all day. they are just going to be coming and going and you can see a fair amount of clouds for the rest of the day and at night with more showers starting to come in tomorrow. tomorrow should be a good bit wert than today will be. the temperatures are held down by all of the clouds. only 66 in wilmington. so the rain is not the temperature down there. it is 74 in philadelphia. we do have warmer weather on the way. we'll see if we can get rid of that rain in time for the weekend coming up. >> we'll be looking for that. thanks, glenn. >> now to irma's devastation. five people from a nursing home near jacksonville are dead. the facility has been without power since it truck the sunshine state. we have more on the recovery effort across florida. >> a grim discovery today.
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several people found dead inside a nursing home without air-conditioning. irma may be gone but it keeps mounting. >> five people who died and 115 people have been evacuated. >> a sad discovery today. multiple deaths have occurred as a result of irma's wrath across south florida. >> once we determined we had multiple deaths and the facilities are extremely hot we made the decision to evacuatie all of the patients. >> going building by building to check on those who have gone days without power. >> irma looking more like a war zone. some describing it as a nuclear bomb going off. roads washed away and residents in some parts of the island left with nothing. the navy and volunteers are stationed providing much needed food and water. as tanker trucks are coming in
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across the state providing fuel to gas stations. airports are resuming flights and theme parks are now opened. florida sports teams forced to leave because of the storm will start hosting games this weekend. good news for many people. we are told power could be restored for most of the state. sarah rosario, nbc news. we are getting these images. this drone video shows trees blocking roads, damaged roads. fema says the hurricane destroyed or dajd nearly every house in the keys. few people have had a chance to survey the destruction. crews working to destroy the only highway. many haven't been able to return home yet. here is the latest on the storm. president trump tweeted he will visit tomorrow. he plans to meet with fema and
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other first responders. at least four people have died of carbon monoxide from generators operating inside their homes. florida agencies reporting $250 million in preparation and recovery expenses. now to the caribbean where an urgent relief mission is underway. yesterday a coast guard loaded with supplies left for the hardest hit areas. among them are st. thomas and st. john for the kentucky international guard has evacwatd more than a thousand people. helping coworkers reopen stores in florida. it sent two water tankers where residents are under a boil water advisory. wawa stores here have launched a ten day relief campaign to raise money for the red cross. if you're looking for ways to help victims of hurricane irma or harvey we posted links and more information to help you get
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started. in other news this morning the search for a shooting suspect created quite a bit of chaos. roads around 15th and poplar streets were blocked off. police didn't find anybody inside. everything is now back to normal. the victim was shot in the leg and is expected to survive. a shooting in delaware county sent a bullet flying into a house. this morning one person is in the hospital. the shooting happened around 9:30 last night. with we are working to learn the victim's condition. police are looking for the gunman. officials in the lehigh valley hope an autopsy will determine how a freshman lacrosse player died. last night a large crowd gathered in front of the student center to remember williams. nbc 10 learned the 19 kwleerld died after suffering a severe head injury during a fall. the coroner says williams did
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not have any known health problems. police trying to determine if alcohol may have played a role in the student athlete's death. philadelphia police investigating the death of a man struck bay septa train. this is right near the station. the trenton regional rail line is delayed due to this investigation. let's get a check of what's happening with jessica boyington. >> all right. because of what you just spoke about that accident scene that happened earlier this morning just around 7:50 or so. that's when it was reported. first we were seeing 30 minute delays. now we are on the way back out of the woods here, back down to about ten minute delays because of that fatal accident from the trenton line to center city. so the service is back to normal. septa dealing with an accident
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around fifth and main and darby. here is route 309. some lane restrictions here. it will be here until about 3:00 this afternoon. a good chance to see residual delays. this should be clear by now but wi there is a crash there. construction ton bend eastbound. so traffic moving eastbound. watch for lanes there. following an opening we are back to normal. all right. thanks for that. >> we are learning from police that a philadelphia mother brought a high loi potent drug to the doorstep of an elementary
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school. she dropped 29 baggies of fentanyl. it is about 100 times more potent their heroin. parents can't believe their kids came so close to such a powerful drug. >> shocking. >> it is scary to find out that it's here. it's so close to us. >> parents also parades the school's response. >> the school took great care of the kids. none of the kids were any where near it. the police came right away. >> police have filed child endangerment and drug charges. right now she is out on bail. a judge has dropped all criminal charges against the engineer in an amtrak derailment that killed eight people in philadelphia. yesterday the judge said there was not enough evidence and the crash was an accident, not criminal evidence. he had been charged with involuntary manslaughter and
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reck less endangerment. >> his heartbreaks for the loss of life in this case and the tragedy that occurred, but he is innocent. >> he was at the controls when the train derailed in may of 2015. the train was going 106 on a 50 miles per hour curve. today pennsylvania lawmakers will be back at work trying to find a solution to the budget impasse. there is no plan to fund the $32 billion budget. a shortfall of more than $32 million. the governor says he will have to cut programs. the book tour continues for hillary clinton. >> and so i think that in terms of my personal defeat was the most important factor. >> she is revealing more of her reaction to the reopening of the e-mail investigation week before the election. clinton's one time rival takes the swing at health care
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reform, why he and new jersey senator are convinced this plan will work. some of the remnants of irma now impacting our area. it will get even wetter. i'll let you know when the heaviest rain is going to arrive and if it will last into the weekend. that's next.
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tracie potts takes a look at
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what both sides want. >> taxes, bring back our wealth. >> president trump again today making a big push for tax reformt. >> right now the momentum is with the president. >> the president is prepared to push for as low of a rate as we can get. >> reporter: democrats told the president they want incentives for penalties for those that don't. tax policies that posupport families and tax code without adding to the nation's debt. that's off the agenda for a while. >> the next time is some time in 2018. >> republicans are working on their own tax plan. >> it would be nice. >> paul ryan will unvail his through a live chat later this morning. >> there is some language. >> reporter: what will the trump
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administration consider a win? >> passing tax reform which hasn't been done in 31 years, that's a win. >> getting him to back cost sharing subsidies. >> there are lots of thing we can do that can improve things that he seems open to. >> two republicans will make another push to repeal the affordable care act. today we'll also hear from bernie sanders. he had been pushing for years now what the government pays for everyone's health care. he is starting to get more support. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> we'll have details on that in just a moment. >> first, dumbfounded, that's how hillary clinton is describing her reaction when james comey reopened the infamous e-mail. >> and i was stunned to be
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honest. i didn't know what to think about it. i knew there was nothing there. we had trouble finding out what was really going on, and so i was just dumbfounded. i thought what is he doing? the investigation was closed. i know there's no new information. i have certainly given anything of any relevance to them. >> clinton appeared on the today show as part of the promotional tour what happened. and the clouds today a lot thicker than they were yesterday. these are capable of producing some rain. this is at philly international. it's not going to be raining all afternoon thoechlt you can see a lot of dlouds across much of the area. some showers in northern delaware too. temperatures only 65 degrees. that's pretty chilly for this time of day.
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74 philly international. port richmond only 72 in chestnut hill. it is a lot warmer in philadelphia than it is in northern delaware where the rain has been coming from. it knocked the temperature down. it is going to do the same in philadelphia up through chester county. you can see some of the rain coming right into the city. there isn't much farther to the south. the heaviest is in parts of burkes county. it is to the south. and this band is not a large one. we have much drier air coming our way from chesapeake bay and the greatest amount of moisture is out around cincinnati that you can see the spin that is really the center of what irma was. here is the futurecast. scattered showers around. temperatures generally in the
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70s. then tonight a lot of clouds, patchy fog and then more showers during the day tomorrow and then watch what happens as we go into the afternoon and evening hours now we are talking about potential thunderstorms, not just some light showers that zoom by. so that is going to be the wettest period probably from about 5:00 tomorrow afternoon to 10:00 tomorrow night. then we tend to dry out a little bit on friday and a little bit more on saturday. so we can't totally rule out the chance of a shower or friday but it's not going to be any where near as wet as tomorrow is going to be. so there is tomorrow and you can see some of the thunderstorms symbols. a better chance of showers. redding at 78. we are going to see
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thunderstorms at the shore too. wild wood getting some. now, for the eagles there is potentially a chance of showers near the start of the game in kansas city and then we are into the 80s. this is jose still way out east of florida and general trend, the models do take it closer to the united states far while then some kind of a turn to the north. most of them keep it offshore. it is a little too close for comfort. that's something that we'll be watching closely as we go through the next several days. starbucks lovers have a bone to pick. we'll tell you why customers are lighting up social media following a change on the menu.
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next week philadelphia city
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council members will step out to lead a day long the to give dreams the knowledge and tools to take those dreams to the next level. city council president joins us this morning to talk about the how to make it in america economic empowerment conference and what we'll find out for year coming up. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for giving us this opportunity. >> so what's new this year? >> well, we moved the location. we ran out of space. we did it at ccp. it will be at the convention center. we learned from some of the things we need to improve on. we expanded the list of entrepreneurs that will be giving the presentations. we are quite excited about that. one of the things we have done this year is we will probably have around 150 to 200 school children, juniors and seniors get an early start. >> in high school. >> get an early start in
11:24 am
determining whether or not you would like to get into business. we expect a full compliment of individuals that will come and talk about get a good job based on a global economy and things have changed. no longer can you have a secure future if you take that track. some times you end up working in a job that you hate that is clearly below your skill set. we say if you have an idea, if you have an interest in doing something different talk about starting your own business where we'll have people that will be really good advice. >> talk about entrepreneurs that touched on high schoolers who will be coming. who else are you targeting to
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attend this conference? >> my staff says we need to target the millennials. so many older people want to come please come. the reality is people have found themselves to be in a position where they may want to change their direction in life sit a lifestyle for them and their families. i think this is a golden opportunity. we will have people there that will be able to talk about hospitality, retail, talk about restaurants. >> and high-tech is the most sustainable opportunity out there. the city of philadelphia, i think we have probably 15 or 16 cranes at this point in time. so those individuals are individuals that actually made it. people that at some point made the decision that i'm going to start a business and these individuals will be there to
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talk about the knnuanswers. we'll have people talk to you about how you work your way through the process. we will have people to talk about access to capital to start out. they will be there to talk about the possibilities and the opportunities. >> all encompassing. >> yes. >> the soda tax proved it is still being litigated. what does enrollment look for for pre-k? >> we have met our target. we had to do some recruitment to make sure people understand what we were offering. we are also going to be in a position to implement the rebuild program where we hope to refurbish or rebuild libraries,
11:27 am
parks across the city. >> infrastructure component that will provide a significant number of jobs not only for traditional work force but also for the individuals that have never had an opportunity. >> we will be following this very closely. i'm sure i'll see you in council chambers shortly. >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> if you would like more information it's wednesday september 20th from 8:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon. we have more on our web site and on the nbc 10 app. next, we return to florida where irma is responsible for da days after it swept across the sunshine state. we learn new details about five people found dead in a nursing home. and the nuclear threat for north korea heats up. we'll have details on the latest from overseas.
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grab your umbrellas. showers are popping up in parts of our area. it is the remnants of irma. this is a live look. a light breeze out there this morning. now to a look at first alert radar. it shows the system bringing us the wet weather. the threat of rain will continue over the next day. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has the details ton the changes to our weather. >> as you saw, it's a band of showers moving through and it's hitting philadelphia right now. you can see some drops on the lens as this band of showers moves through. there is even lightning in burkes county. that is the strongest. it is north of reading. it looks like it will pass west
11:32 am
here over the next 30 minutes. but in the meantime the showers moving into philadelphia, camden county abiliout to get it. conditions improving in cape may county over the next hour. as you can see how much dry air is back to the south and west. the futurecast showing that as we go through the afternoon as the main band moves through new york city. there is a lot of lingering cloudiness and may be some sprinkles. the greatest rain during the day today is happening right now with that band of showers. you can see generally dry conditions overniepght. there could be fog. showers develop during the afternoon tomorrow. temperatures held down by the rain especially in wilmington at 65 degrees. so the temperature is about to go down in philadelphia for at least a few hours. we get peeks of sunshine later
11:33 am
this afternoon. it will go up a lot as we head towards the wooeeekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thanks for that; glenn. this morning we are learning irma is responsible for more deaths across florida. five people in a nursing home near jacksonville died today. the facility has been without power and may have had air-conditioning problems. crews evacuated patients and took them to near by nursing homes that are safe. >> as a precautionary measure we have ashrined police officers to check all of the other 42 sufficient care of the elderly. >> officers sealed off the nursing home where the deaths happened. police say this is a criminal investigation. . families are also facing a
11:34 am
potentially deadly situation. one person died and three others sick after they were overcome by carbon monoxide from a generator running inside their house in daytona beach. they are struggling to recover after the catastrophic impact. ron shows us how people with coping. >> reporter: it is day seven since hurricane irma's eye passed to the north of this rock and the clean up continues. behind me you can see royal caribbean majesty of the sea. they will set sail for san juan, puerto rico to the west. that ship will continue onto saint martin which was also heavily hit and pick up more evacuees from there. more resources came in yesterday. we took the u.s. coast guard in
11:35 am
from san juan. they were bringing members to the island, what they are trying to do is to get the airport here on the west end of st. thomas back up and running. we might start to see commercial air traffic start again here. there are food and water supplies here. it is to go to those places to get their supplies for the day. the death toll from irma stands at least four here. crews continue to look for anymore potential victims and of course going forward now they want to try to get the infrastructure up and running so people are able to get the basic supplies to get through each and every day. there is a curfew from 6:00 p.m. to noon the following day. i spoke to the lieutenant governor today. he says perhaps by thursday or friday they may be able to start to ease some of those restrictions. let's send it back up to you. >> that was ron mott reporting.
11:36 am
>> irma hit georgia on sunday. the driver hit her brakes but still slammed into the trunk. she was shaken but is doing okay. folks in florida looking to get back to business following irma. we look at what business owners are facing following the storm. irma uprooted massive trees and scattered smaller ones across the roadways, toppling other ones onto cars. it piled sand onto the broad walk against boarded up businesses. by daylight they took stock. a florida keys resident and small business owner was trying to get back. >> my entire property was 5 feet under water. >> today he got an urgent request from his city manager.
11:37 am
>>. >> to start trying to get them back up online. >> reporter: transportation is a big headache. gasoline in a short supply and they are begging the governor to help. >> i have a friend in miami we are going to stop by. he has cans of fuel for me. >> so when the lights are on business is booming. 911 foot food never even closed during irma. >> if we can open we'll open. >> two cranes collapsed during the storm and construction debris flew from high-rise towers. today the grass littering the ground. downed trees blocked known as wall street south. the city's financial capital saw feet of flooding from irma's storm surge. >> i'm checking how we can contact it. >> jose works for a
11:38 am
communications provider. one of his biggest clients is uber and he is champing at the bit to get back inside his building. if you're looking for ways to help the victims of hurricane irma or harvey go to and we posted links and more information on how to donate. on our web site you'll find pictures of the damage and updates on the recovery. today for the first time we are getting a closer look at bernie sanders bill. americans would no longer pay deductibles. people would pay -- critics say the bill will go nowhere since there are not enough details about the final cost and where the money to pay for it will come from. booker is cosponsoring the plan.
11:39 am
let's take a live look where lindsay gram is joining some of his colleagues that he says is the best bill to repeal and replace obamacare. this is the only remaining republican plan. nbc news got a preliminary version of what the proposal is, what we are learning is that the bill would provide federal money to states to implement their own health care plan as opposed to one system for all 50 states. we are going to continue to watch this and we'll bring you more details later today on nbc 10 news. let's head overseas now. north korea vowed to speed up the weapons program in response to new united nations sanctions. south korea is stepping up its military move. ron allen reports from seoul. >> the south korean military letting it be known they are forming a decapitation squad, the goal to assassination the
11:40 am
leadership. it unvailed a weapon that they say is a cruise missile that can fire from a fighter jet and another round of fire military exercises today. it is happening just about every day now as south koreans step up their posture here. the military still on high alert. a lot of expectations may fire off in response to u.s. sanctions passed yesterday. sanctions that are aimed at cutting off money and fuel to the north. sanctions that fall well short of what the united states wa wanted. a warning of more consequences to come if the north doesn't back down. that is where we are. more from the north. the increasing military posture and continuing to see if north korea carries out the threat to carry out more missiles.
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back here in the states customers lashing out after starbucks quietly raised some of its prices. over labor day they increased brewed coffee and espressos. the prices varied by location. starbucks says it is continually evaluating prices on market by market bay si in order to balance business needs. if you're looking for seasonal work you may want to check out target. they announced they are hiring 100,000 seasonal team members. they expect to hire about a thousand people in the area and 3,000 across pennsylvania. target will have hiring events the weekend of october 13th, so a few weekends from now. during the hiering events you cn go get an interview immediately and potentially be hired right away. your last chance to get a piece of princess diana, direct
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connections to the late princess. nearly 80 are a vailabvailable. including a piece of weds cake in a box. the heist is for a silver engraved card holder. wild win for the phillies after they battled it out for the marlins in 15 innings. a lot goes to hopkins. he helped them come back from a 7-2 deficit. another homer in the tenth inning tied the game. it took almost five hours for this game to play out before happy and tired fans got to go home sitting through that win. take a look at the philly fanatic last night. he blasted that homer into the
11:43 am
stands. a big shout out to a young girl already making it big in business. anna welch won last night at the franklin institute. it was hosted by philadelphia media network. tracy davidson interviewed her about her hand back business. she makes clutches out of recycled material and donates 15% to treehouse books in north philadelph philadelphia. little bags, big impact. it is to big she hired two part time helpers. go girl. this weekend there will be a special tribute. we have details just ahead. we are dealing with at least some of the remnants of irma right now. i'll let you know what's in store for the weekend. that's next. next time, i want you on my bowling team.
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he gets two? i literally coined the phrase, "we give you coverage options based on your budget." -that's me. -jamie! -yeah. -you're back from italy. [ both smooch ] ciao bella. we have breaking news. fire crews ton scene of a fire at the ritz condo. we are learning from crews there that there are flames showing at the building. as soon as we get more information we'll pass it along right here on the nbc 10 app.
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he is a curious little boy. he loves listening to music. he is looking for a forever family to love him. vai sikahema introduces us to this week's wednesday's child. meet marquis. he is just adorable. as a five-year-old this is the ideal place to hang out. he is not just cute he is adventurous, inquisitive and independent. >> he would do well in a family that is patient, willing to learn and a family where he is the youngest by many years or the only child. >> marquis is bright but also nonverbal. the right forever family will help him commune call icate. >> he is very adventurous. he is affectionate, working on
11:48 am
learning sign language. he is very bright. everybody loves him the second they meet him. >> interestingly he has quite a sophisticated taste in music that is beyond most five-year-old. >> marquis loves mickey mouse. he loves the intro sponge bob square pants and his favorites are american woman and are you going to go my way. very interesting. marquis would bring a ton of affection, laughs, love and brighten anybody's day. marquis is this week's wednesday's child. >> dp you would like to make his dream come true go to and search wednesday east child and call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt.
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♪ >> this weekend the legendary artist will and special guests paying tribute to prince. anthony is here to tell us about this festival and stands for neighborhood to neighborhood festival going on 22 years now, right? >> exactly right. >> senator williams for people who are familiar with the festival, tell them how it is a big community effort. >> ironically this year when they are sort of paramount the history behind this is, university of pennsylvania next to 52nd street and those that graduated from high school, latino, asians all come together in a spirit of getting together around entertainment. this year we thought it would be interest to go have a tribute to
11:50 am
prince. >> and let's be honest, everybody loves his huzmusic. >> i gave kids from 16 to 61 ask me about different elements. >> we have video of sheila e. >> that's right. 2:00 sharp she will be ton stage and i think quest love is pnb rock. >> and so obviously every year plenty of people come out because it is a great way to get the community together. this year you have high profile guests attending as well. >> we do. we do. we probably average about 7,000 folks. we will probably exceed that. the headliners are extraordinary and then we have a few, patty
11:51 am
jackson, local folks, all of these comedians are going to be part of it. >> and it's in the neighborhood where you grew up. >> absolutely. >> we talked about the budget impasse in harrisburg. it's great that a budget was passed but how are you going to fund it? >> it's an embarrassment. for all of us that we talk about supporting public education. we talk about supporting folks and whatever the issue is, if we don't fund it it doesn't happen. >> what programs are we talking about here? >> we have a significant power that depend on these programs. they will be compromised. >> all right. thanks so much for coming in. we'll be following what's happening in harrisburg. if you would like to go to the concert it lab greawill be a gr event.
11:52 am
it is saturday from noon to 8:00 in the evening right in west philly. for more details go to our web site or go to the nbc 10 app. those showers have moved into the philadelphia area. really knocking temperatures down. it is 69 degrees, only 65 in parts of delaware. warmer farther to the north where the rain has not arrived yet. in northern delaware it has. only 64 degrees. ha harmony hill 65. it was cooler yesterday and it's warmer as the rain has pretty much moved out of that area. you can see it's a fairly narrow band. that is as we go through the hour and camden county getting
11:53 am
it right now. the heaviest of it and a little bit of lightning up towards burkees county earlier. you can see drier air. it may be coming in later today. this area of moisture, the main area that's well to the west. as we go through the afternoon we have scattered showers coming through and we dry out in parts of the area tonight. we also get the threat of low clouds and fog. tomorrow more showers and a greater threat of heavy showers and thunderstorms especially late in the afternoon into the evening hours and then we tend to dry out a bit as we go to friday and dry out moreover the weekend. here is jose east of florida. the forecast for it takes it to the west and then a curve to the
11:54 am
north. it's not that far offshore with the official forecast. that's something we'll have to keep an eye on over the next few days. ♪
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we believe that when it comes to health. you don't join us. we join you. all right. we showed you the showers today. more late tomorrow and tomorrow night and a nice and warm weekend.
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